Celebrating Alina’s 23rd Birthday

Alina’s Light had a blast celebrating Alina’s 23rd birthday at NamastHay Goat Yoga of Pittsburgh. A group of us gathered for a day filled with yoga, fun, and (most importantly) goats, benefiting Animal Friends. One of our core causes is supporting organizations involving animals, and we were so grateful to do so in such an exciting way! Happy heavenly birthday to our beautiful angel.

Meals Distributed to Local Families

Alina’s Light shined through the gift of a home-cooked meal. We distributed 150 meals to local families in need, Light of Life homeless shelter, and the Women In Christian Ministries. We are honored to spread our message and light to not only our fellow community members, but also to such wonderful nonprofit organizations. Last year, Light of Life provided over 250,000 meals to families in need. This is yet another example of how small efforts can make a big difference, and we are ecstatic to continue to make an impact in Alina’s memory.

Montour High School Graduates Receive Scholarships

Alina’s Light hit the road to spread her light to Montour High School graduates today. Last year, we established a scholarship in Alina’s memory. We wished to award students that share her passion of theatre for their hard work and dedication. This year, due to the circumstances of the pandemic, we decided to distribute the award among all nine applicants. Congratulations to those that were awarded; we hope this helps you with your future endeavors. Alina’s Light wishes you the best!

Our Wonderful Participants: Johanna Tirone,Arina Dillinger, Eric Jozwiak, Elizabeth Zwikl, Gino Asque, Samantha Nelson, Nini Curcione, Susan Betten, Paige DeGori.

One Year After Released on Amazon

Alina’s Light is excited and proud to announce the release of Elly Sheykhet’s book, One Year After. It is a remarkable story of heartbreak and grief but also a beautiful journey of hope and strength. Elly hopes that her story will make a difference and give grieving parents hope to carry on. Please consider showing your support by purchasing a copy; all proceeds go directly to Alina’s Light.

For those who are not familiar with our mission: we were founded in memory of Alina Sheykhet. Alina was 20 when she lost her life to domestic violence, and we focus on supporting organizations involving children, animals, and musical theater to reflect her passions. We also provide support for various women’s shelters and are currently fighting for Alina’s Law, PA House Bill 588.

Thank you for your ongoing support!