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Tackle Domestic Violence

October 18. 2019

Tackle Domestic Violence

October 18. 2019
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In loving memory of Alina Sheykhet
Montour High School Stadium

October 18, 2019, we tackled domestic violence with Montour High School’s football team. Both teams wore beautiful “Alina’s Angel” stickers on their helmets and all of the fans were decked out in purple. We had the honor of speaking during halftime and are so proud to share this video of Eugene, one of our board members, sharing our story. 💜

Our organization is so grateful for all of our sponsors that kindly donated to our cause for last night. We sincerely thank our sponsors, Montour High School, the volunteers, and all that were involved in this event.

Our generous sponsors:

#1 Cochran Nissan West
Nationwide: Gary E Peterson Insurance Agency
Township of Robinson
Fasters Friends
Ricci’s Italian Sausage
The Main Family
Grimes Interiors

Special Thank you to Mr. Todd Price and Montour High School administration, also to a Montour dance team for helping.

We have raised over $6000 that will go toward scholarships for Montour seniors, and also will help us to assist organizations in needs such as Women’s Shelter, Animal Friends, and Children Hospital.

Alina's Light

Alina’s Light, Inc.

P.O. Box 15511
Pittsburgh, PA 15244-1001

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