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Alina's Dolls

A memorial for victims of domestic violence

Alina's Dolls

A memorial for victims of domestic violence
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Alina’s legacy continues through local and international art performances, events, and exhibits, which draw attention to the dangers of domestic violence, and at the same time, create a unique place for victims and their families to find peace, hope and connection. Alina’s Dolls is a project designed specifically for this purpose.

Alina's Dolls

ALINA’S DOLLS is designed as a powerful memorial for victims of domestic violence.  Its objectives are:

Restore the voice to those who have been silenced through horrific violence. Let their light shine again, for all to see and remember.

Give faces to the rising numbers of the domestic violence victims through powerful visual installation.

Help survivors and families find peace though engaging in art making and through continuous community support

United, we can take on the hardest challenges and make our communities safer & better.
The Doll Making Process
Doll Making Instructions
Unfinished Doll

To memorialize your loved one on Alina’s Dolls

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7/07/1997 -10/08/2017 A beautiful and exceptional young woman, a talented dancer and performer, a devoted…

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Amanda M Bennett

5/03/1996 - 4/24/2017 Beautiful young lady who lost her life to Domestic Violence. Amanda was…

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08/28/1990 - 08/19/2012 A bright and beautiful young woman, who was getting ready to graduate…

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Kassedi Clark

12/16/1993 - 04/13/2018 A beautiful, intelligent, compassionate young lady, a mother of five beautiful children,…

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Dijah Lynn Ybarra

Dijah Lynn Ybarra

10/03/1997 - 12/31/2018 A supportive loving daughter, mother, sister, and friend to many people. She…

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