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Alina's Light Cares

Alina's Light Cares

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Helping Those in Need of Meals and Lifesaving Resources with Free Store 15104

Last night, we had the honor of gifting our LARGEST donation of the year to Free Store 15104. We were able to donate $25,000 to help those in need of meals and lifesaving resources in our community. Free Store 15104 has served over 100 people an hour over the last 10 years of its existence. It has had over 420,000 individual visitors a year, all while being entirely volunteer-ran. Needless to say, it is an integral part of the Braddock community.

Our growth as an organization, thanks to our supporters and countless work as a nonprofit, has allowed us to make such a generous gift. Helping individuals in need like women and children is a crucial part of our mission. Thank you to all of our supporters for their continued support, and thank you to Free Store for helping us spread light this holiday season.

For Good PGH💜

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