Domestic Violence Seminar

Tonight, Alina’s Light had the honor of participating in a Domestic Violence Seminar organized by Anita Kulik. It was our pleasure to meet with organizations that share our values of providing support and education on the topic of domestic violence.

2020 Winter Jamfest to End Domestic Violence

We had the honor of bringing Alina’s story to her alma mater, Montour High School, at the 2020 Winter Jamfest to End Domestic Violence. We held 5 presentations for a total of 10 teams from different states. Educating young men and women about the dangers of dating violence is one of many causes we are passionate about. A special thank you to Phil Peckich, TD Sports, and Montour dance boosters for providing us the opportunity to share our mission, raise awareness of domestic violence, and spread Alina’s light.We are hopeful that Alina’s story will continue to make an impact and ultimately save lives.