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One Year After: From Grief to Hope (Paperback)


Pittsburgh – “October 8, 2017. A University of Pittsburgh student who had recently filed a protection from abuse order against her ex-boyfriend found dead in her off-campus home. Alina Sheykhet, 20, was found Sunday morning by her father, who broke down her door after she failed to answer calls”…Losing a child is the most devastating event anyone can endure during a lifetime. The pain is indescribable, and the grief is unbearable. However, there is hope. This book provides evidence that, even with all the pain and grief, survival is possible. After losing a child, you lose yourself. Life is now divided into two parts: the “Before” and the “After.” In this book, a bereaved mother unveils her road map for navigating her new world without her child. One Year After gives you a different understanding of life and death. It shows a connection between two worlds – a physical world and a spiritual world. When you are confronted with the intense suffering that comes with losing a child, you can live in the memories of love that you shared. The greatest power that we possess is the power of love. It gives us strength and forces us to continue living, even when we feel like dying. If you’ve lost a child and now feel lost yourself, this is the book for you.

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