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The Beauty of a Grieving Mother: Mothers Share their Stories of Finding Hope after the loss of a Child


Losing a child is the biggest fear of any parent.
But The Beauty of a Grieving Mother is NOT about fear.

In this anthology, ten broken-hearted mothers step ahead of their fears and share their life stories about love, courage, hope, and survival after the loss of their child. These mothers have different lifestyles and backgrounds. Their children left in different ways and at different ages. These women grieve differently. But what they share is the deepest feeling of love for their beautiful children and a strong desire to continue their legacies.

When you grieve the loss of a child you develop a brand new feeling where pain and joy coexist. They intermingle. They become inseparable. The beauty of that unique feeling is that the ugly pain makes the joy profound. Your suffering makes you feel a deep gratitude. The pain of a grieving mother is beautiful, but nobody can grasp it but the grieving mother.

Find strength, love, and beauty in the stories of these mothers and their children. Though the journey after the loss of a child may feel lonely, it is not one that must be traveled alone.

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